Claire Holt's being an adorable angel in their panel at PaleyFest

Claire Holt arrives for the PaleyFest on March 22, 2014


Claire Holt Glamaholic March 2014

I would love to continue to challenge myself by trying different things. Action, Drama, Comedy… I would be grateful to do any and all of it if someone is kind enough to hire me! I have such a wonderful time on The Originals though, because I get to play Rebekah in so many different periods. I’m a little spoiled" - Claire Holt

(On Vampire Diaries) “It’s such a great production to be a part of. That was my home, you know; it’s where I first started this journey. I have very fond memories of my time there.” (Bello Magazine, Match 2014)

"If I were immortal I’d probably spend eternity on a beach in Mexico with a margarita in hand." (Bello Magazine, March 2014)

"I’m a big television person. I always have been. I think there’s so much viewing pleasure to be had. Television has really grown and it’s such an amazing medium now, with so much quality." (Bello Magazine, March 2014)

"I love that she is such a strong, fierce woman, and she isn’t afraid to show her emotions. She has this sassiness about her, and she’s fun. I really love playing her because there are so many elements to her character. I’ve never been bored when I’m Rebekah."